Chalkless is a Game-Changer

Grip is one of the most fundamental, yet underappreciated factors in competitive performance. Our vision is to put the science of better grip into the hands of every athlete, providing an edge when they need it most. It’s why we invented Chalkless grip enhancer — scientifically engineered to give people superior grip performance with no sprays, liquids, chalk or mess. If that sounds interesting, register with a wholesale account below for more information on how to partner with Chalkless.

Wholesaler Registration 

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Chalkless is new, exciting, different and poised to meet the demands of an emerging performance-conscious consumer. Below are just a few of the many grip-based sports that will embrace Chalkless.

Racket Sports 

  • 70mm+ Racket Sport Players in the U.S.
  • $9B Market for Tennis and Racket Equipment
  • Pickleball paddle market is expected to reach $248mm by 2028


  • 25mm Golfers in the U.S.
  • $7.4B Market for Golf Equipment
  • Compound growth of 4.9% annually

Fitness & Training 

  • 66mm Gym-Goers in the U.S.
  • 39% of Americans hold gym memberships
  • Fitness industry growth to $434B by 2028

Grip the Day

Join Chalkless in reaching thousands of new customers who are looking for a game-changing edge.